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MICEBS is designed for Disaster Preparedness and the Humanitarian Response market, providing rapidly deployable infrastructure.

No other system can lift people off the ground and into a substantial shelter on uneven and unprepared ground as quickly as MICEBS.

•   Floor above ground.
•   Simple hand tools, provided.
•   Man-handlable.
•   No materials handling equipment required.
•   Able to transition from first response to final structure.
•   Infinitely adaptable, reusable and relocatable.

MICEBS is a modular construction system designed to provide a lean logistical supply package as well as an infinitely re-configurable shelter module, uniquely, it can be assembled by hand with no materials handling equipment and can cope with a cross fall of up to one metre, particularly valuable where flat land is at a premium.

MICEBS is a system of components; similar to the “Bailey Bridge” concept of WWII, that can be easily assembled by hand into medical centres, schoolrooms, public facilities, or any required use. Every year records are broken for the number of people displaced by either conflict or natural disasters, MICEBS gets people off the ground immediately and away from contaminated ground waters, it will save lives and help minimise the spread of disease.

MICEBS is specifically designed to be pre-positioned in regions where we know they will be required. Disaster preparedness is becoming increasingly critical for both national governments and aid agencies.

Disaster preparedness reduces duplication of efforts and increases the overall effectiveness of government and community response efforts.

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