Intermodal Containerised Expedient

LOGISTICS & SHELTER a worldwide issue.

Briefed by the military to re-invent the shipping container and by the Red Cross to provide a Transitional Housing solution, MICEBS was born.

MICEBS is the essence of lean logistics, the MICEBS container itself provides all the components of our building system. We prepare kits of components to suit a client’s individual needs ranging from disaster response, to medical facilities and emergency housing.

Our basic module of 30 sq. meters (320 sq. ft) provides shelter above the ground and an earthquake and cyclone resistant core for reconstruction.

Our modules are man-portable, reconfigurable and reusable.

A MICEBS module can be erected by hand in two hours, by two people using only simple tools.

A unique aspect of our system is that it can be erected on sloping sites with up to one metre cross-fall, without prior site preparation, multiple footing options are available.

MICEBS has been developed specifically for humanitarian needs, particularly Disaster Risk Reduction.

With the introduction of BalPal to the world, MICEBS can offer protected structures tailored to suit a clients needs.




CEO / Founder and Inventor MICEBS System

Paul is a Chartered Architect with over 40 years experience in innovation and design.

Paul’s professional experience includes managing a large team of professionals and external consultants to produce solutions on time and on cost.

As a partner of Syrikat Benamulla Sdn. (a global consortium in Malaysia, including Mainzeal of N.Z and the Chemical Bank of New York), his primary role was the contract negotiator for massive public works projects, including the proposed new highway between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Paul traveled to London and Ghana for MICEBS to investigate the provision of sanitation services throughout Ghana.


His understanding of the componentisation of the building process, together with a deep understanding of human shelter requirements serve to guide the development of the company.

Paul was approached by a Brigadier in the Australian Army over a decade ago, the problem posed was the redesign of the shipping container into a humanitarian shelter solution.


Over many years solutions were tested until finally the MICEBS system was granted full patents.

Recently he has been working with UBIQ Technologies who developed BalPal, a unique lightweight modular armour designed specifically for the MICEBS System.