LOGISTICS & SHELTER a worldwide issue

Briefed by the military to re-invent the shipping container and by the Red Cross to provide a transitional housing solution, MICEBS was born.

MICEBS is the essence of lean logistics,  the MICEBS container itself provides all the components of our building system.  We prepare kits of steel and aluminium components to suit a clients’ individual needs ranging from a granny flat to a Forward Operating Base.

Our basic module of 30 sq. metres (320 sq ft) provides shelter above the ground away from vermin and contaminated waters.   The fact that our modules are man-portable, re-configurable and re-usable is a major benefit.

A MICEBS module can be erected by hand in two hours, by two people using only simple tools.

A unique aspect of our system is that it can be erected on sloping sites with up to one metre cross-fall, without prior site preparation, multiple footing options are available.

MICEBS & DFIS are two sides of one coin.

MICEBS is our shelter solution for humanitarian needs, particularly Disaster Risk Reduction.

DFIS is our MILSPEC product providing Deployable Infrastructure capacity to expeditionary forces.

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