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Modular Intermodal Containerised Expedient Building System.

MICEBS is designed for Disaster Preparedness and the Humanitarian Response market, providing rapidly deployable infrastructure.

MICEBS is a modular construction system designed to provide a lean logistical supply package as well as an infinitely re-configurable shelter module, uniquely, it can be assembled by hand with no materials handling equipment and can cope with a cross fall of up to one metre, particularly valuable where flat land is at a premium.

MICEBS is a system of components; similar to the “Bailey Bridge” concept of WWII, that can be easily assembled by hand into medical centres, schoolrooms, public facilities, or any required use. Every year records are broken for the number of people displaced by either conflict or natural disasters, MICEBS gets people off the ground immediately and away from contaminated ground waters, it will save lives and help minimise the spread of disease.

MICEBS is specifically designed to be pre-positioned in regions where we know they will be required. Disaster preparedness is becoming increasingly critical for both national governments and aid agencies.

Disaster preparedness reduces duplication of efforts and increases the overall effectiveness of government and community response efforts.

Disaster preparedness needs to be a continuous and integrated process; coordinating a wide range of risk reduction activities and resources. MICEBS aims to be an integral part of this response capacity. Logistics, stockpiling and inventory control and training can all be part of the MICEBS system.

As well as the requirements to house our existing population there are at any time, up to 200 million people who have been displaced; either internally or externally by natural disasters or conflict, who need medical facilities, schoolrooms, aid centres and all the amenities needed to sustain life.

Development Initiatives in their Annual Report; ‘Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2017’ chart the rise of international humanitarian assistance, from a level of 16.1 billion US dollars in 2012 this figure rose to 27.3 billion in 2016.

‘Humanitarian Response’ is defined by the United Nations as aid and action designed to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain and protect human dignity during and in the aftermath of emergencies, it is intended to be delivered quickly in response to natural or other disasters, should be governed by the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence and is intended to be short-term in nature and provide for activities in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.



Deployable Force Infrastructure Solutions

Deployable Force Infrastructure System (DFIS) is the military version of the MICEBS System. It has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and other expeditionary militaries across the world. It differs from the humanitarian based MICEBS units due to its MILSPEC design and construction.

The Land Systems Division of the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) has initiated a project to address a capability gap in the provision of lean expeditionary infrastructure to support operations conducted away from the Australian Support Base (ASB). Deployable Force Infrastructure (DFI) project, designated as Land 8140, will provide environmental and threat-appropriate expedient infrastructure in support of combat operations or disaster relief requirements. The Military Infrastructure Market was worth US$28 billion in 2018

Currently the ADF and other expeditionary militaries have few options regarding deployable infrastructure to sustain their operations in remote areas. The ADF has relied extensively on either tent based infrastructure or contractor delivered facilities. Future operations, particularly those launched from the ADF’s growing amphibious ship capability will require immediate access to DFI such as Command Control Computers and Intelligence centres, briefing rooms, medical centres, accommodation, logistic facilities, workshops, R&R centres, and so forth.

MICEBS is a system of components that can be easily assembled by hand, with minimal technical training, into any of these infrastructure requirements.

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